Trail Ridge Road – Rocky Mountain National Park

Have you ever thought about making a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park?  Interested in driving the iconic “Trail Ridge Road?”  You should definitely check it out!  Here are some photos starting from the western edge of the park, in Grand Lake and over to Estes Park.  The road is only open a few months of the year, but when we did it in late June we were able to do it in a little sedan.  The entire road is paved and there are several trail heads along the way to hike.  The wildlife is amazing as well.  Bring your nice camera!  Unfortunately all the ones I’ll be showing were taken with an iPhone 6, but they turned out pretty well…and it prompted us to get a nicer camera!

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We pulled out of our campground and were greeted by this moose. She just casually walked across the road before we were even through the gate.

Moose strolling across road

Elk were everywhere.  In the picnic areas, in herds through the mountain meadows.

elk in campground

elk in meadow

This is one of the many places we took pictures, looking down at the meadow shown above.

Meadow Overlook


The Native Americans called these the “Never Summer Mountains” for obvious reasons.

Never Summer Mts - RMNP

Snow in June - RMNP

This is the end of June.  My 10-year-old on the Continental Divide.

Noah - Snow in June - Continential Divide - Trail Ridge Road - RMNP

The view goes on for miles!

View from Trail Ridge Road

Mts - Trail Ridge Road - RMNP

Deer were everywhere and up close to see, too!

Deer - RMNP

A rare treat – Big Horn Sheep!

big horn sheep - RMNP

If your family is thinking of planning a trip, start now!  By the time Easter rolls around almost everything is booked in Estes Park for the summer.  For a beautiful, unique, less-crowded place to stay check out the quaint town of Grand Lake on the western side of the park.  It’s a beautiful mountain town.  You really can’t go wrong for a great experience in the Rockies!