A Few Days in Crested Butte



We have always heard that Crested Butte was a favorite among Coloradans, so after five summers here, we decided to finally check it out. The valley is filled with ranches and cattle who look it me like I’m crazy when I stop to take a photo. We were lucky to visit when the wildflowers were starting to peak across the meadows. Toss in a few hikes, hammocks, campfires and fly fishing to make the entire family happy!  Don’t miss Elk Avenue – it’s filled with charming shops, fantastic restaurants and quaint cottages available for rent.

If a cabin is more your style, check out the Almont Resort, which has been family owned since 1893. The East and Taylor Rivers, which are fantastic for fly fishing, are rushing a few steps from the cabins. Our family also loved the lodge’s beautiful deck filled with sunshine for breakfast and listening to the live local music every night. No matter where you stay, you will fall in love with this area!